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The images on this site are examples of commercial photography by a professional commercial photographer

Photography on this site consists of dramatic angles, emphatic and contrasty lighting, often influenced by additional colour and is always of a professional standard.

The photography has been made at locations throughout the world and in the UK Such locations include: England, Scotland, Wales, France, Maurepas Germany, Hamburg, London, Manchester, Stoke On Trent, Flotta, Orkneys, Middlesbrough, Bristol, Stanlow, Kendal, Peterslee, Kings Lynn, Blackpool, Trafford Park, Maidenhead, Burntisland, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Newcastle on Tyne, Workington, Shrewsbury, Peterbrough.

The photographs contain the following descriptions:

0001: commercial Photographer, Potato harvest, tractor in field, night, farmer portrait, farming, UK

0002: commercial Photographer, winter gardens, sheffield, interior, UK

0003: commercial Photographer, kirkwall airport, runway resurfacing, lafarge, orkney islands, UK

0004: commercial Photographer, waste reclaimation, tumbler, waste grading, installation, UK

0005: commercial Photographer, highways department, traffic officer, RTI, UK

0006: commercial Photographer, portraits for Film, Events and Multimedia, UK

0007: commercial Photographer, cauliflower harvest, farming, farmer portrait, UK

0008: commercial Photographer, Women in industry, Corporate portrait, differential focus, UK

0009: commercial Photographer, fishermen portrait, shrimp fishermen, morecambe bay, lancashire, uk

0010: commercial Photographer, Rail photography, Pendolino 390, Bessy Ghyll, West Coast Line, Virgin rail, Cumbria, UK

0011: commercial Photographer, Montpellier rail system, Railway photography, tram system, France

0012: commercial Photographer, commercial photographer, Steel Fabrication, Subsea Oil and Gas pipeline, pipeline clamp, UK

0013: commercial Photographer, portable staging, studio photography, coloured lighting, UK

0014: commercial Photographer, portable seating, event seating, studio photography, cut out, cut-out, UK

0015: commercial Photographer, Industrial skylights, skylights, roofing system, product photography, UK

0016: commercial Photographer, Geurnsey Airport, Geurnsey, Channel Islands, UK

0017: commercial Photographer, Oil and Gas, Jacket, Platform construction, UK

0018: commercial Photographer, Aerial photograph, Oil and Gas refinery construction, Hull, UK

0019: commercial photographer, tunneling machine, drill head, above ground, UK

0020: commercial photographer, Commercial Photographer, location photography, pub, bar, lifestyle, food and drink, football, UK

0021: commercial Photographer, Studio photograph, electrical accessories, cable components, group shot, uk

0022: commercial Photographer, product photography, headphones, group shot, MOS, Ministry of Sound, UK

0023: commercial Photographer, studio photography, food photography, kitchen utensils, pans, strainer, steamer, deep fat fryer, UK

0024: commercial Photographer, studio photography, roomsets, school, school furniture, children

0025: commercial Photographer, Industrial interior, industrial filter beds for waste decomposing, composting, UK

0026: commercial Photographer, industrial photography, plastic extrusion, Kings Lynn, UK

0027: commercial Photographer, Automatic car parking machine, car valet, garage, multi-level, beneath ground, UK

0028: commercial Photographer, Water pipeline maintenance, UK

0029: commercial Photographer, Water pipeline installation, welding, UK

0030: commercial Photographer, fishermen portrait, shrimp fishermen, morecambe bay, lancashire, uk


Previous images referenced in this file included:

0001: Commercial - Commercial Photographer: Oil/water separation tank, Oil Refinery, Flotta, Orkneys, Scotland, UK

0002: Commercial Photographer: Steel casting and manufacture, horizontal boring, Middlesbrough, England, UK

0003: Commercial Photographer: Railway Electricity Switchgear, Service, Bristol, England, UK

0004: Commercial Photographer: Sheet Steel Rolling Mill, Manufacture, Stanlow, England, UK

0005: Commercial Photographer: Industrial Valve Repair, Kendal, England, UK

0006: Commercial Photographer: Engineering Plant, Night photography, Middlesbrough, England, UK

0007: Commercial Photographer: Warehouse Logistics, Fork Lift, Kendal, England, UK

0008: Commercial Photographer: CITB, Construction Industry Training Board, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England, UK

0009: Commercial Photographer: Graphic, Gas Supplies by Tanker, Hamburg, Germany

0010: Commercial Photographer: Railway Signal Box, Rewiring, Service, Shrewsbury, England, UK

0011: Commercial Photographer: Steel Manufacture, Railway Rails, Workington, England, UK

0012: Commercial Photographer: Steel Fabrication, Oil and Gas pipeline, Manchester, England, UK

0013: Commercial Photographer: Steel Turning, 60 Tonne CNC Travelling Column 11.5M Mecof, Middlesbrough, Teesside, England, UK

0014: Commercial Photographer: Refilling Gas Tanks, Maurepas near Versailles, France

0015: Commercial Photographer: Time Dependent Deliveries, Blackpool International Airport, Lancashire, UK

0016: Commercial Photographer: Gas Pipe Repairs, Flare Line, Stanlow Oil Refinery, Cheshire, UK

0017: Commercial Photographer: Mercury Recycling from flourescents, Service Industry, Trafford Park, Manchester, UK

0018: Commercial Photographer: Steel fabrication of Oil Separator, component parts of platform all fit through access hatch, Maidenhead, UK, for Alwyn Gas field, Castrol

0019: Commercial Photographer: Electrical Re-Fit of Railway Engine, Engineering, Stoke On Trent, UK

0020: Commercial Photographer: Cement Works, Manufacturing, Shap, UK

0021: Commercial Photographer: Bridge Repairs, Night works, Burntisland, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland, UK

0022: Commercial Photographer: Centrifuge for waste reclaimation and composting. Site installation, Poulton-Le-Fylde and Leyland Newcasle on Tyne, UK

0023: Commercial Photographer: Steeple Jack training, CITB, Construction Industry Training Board, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, UK

0024: Commercial Photographer: Steel Bloom entering roller area in steel fabrication, Workington, UK

0025: Commercial Photographer: Urgent Courier Delivery of production parts, worldwide, UK

0026: Commercial Photographer: Coal powered electricity generating furnace, Peterbrough, UK

0027: Commercial Photographer: Surveying Railway Junction, London, England, UK

0028: Commercial Photographer: Quality Control, Industrial Clutch Plate, England, UK

0029: Commercial Photographer: Steeplejack training on smoke stack, UK

0030: Commercial Photographer: Flourescent tubes collected for recycling, Manchester, UK